Pim Vermeulen – Owner & Founder of Immersion

AIDA Instructor Trainer and Judge Instructor Pim Vermeulen founded Immersion freedive center and school in 2002. Pim has been freediving since 1998 and he is an AIDA Instructor since 2001; he has collected 9 national records for the Netherlands.

Pim Vermeulen was coached by a long list of famous instructors like Loïc Leferme, Umberto Pelizzari, Aharon and Maria-Teresa Solomons, Pierre Frolla and more.

Pim Vermeulen started coaching athletes as early as 2000 and the first athlete to break through was Renate de Bruijn, who set 2 World records in DNF after just a short period of coaching. Since then the list of athletes coached by his freediving school has become long and imposing. From more recent times Pim has coached athletes like Mandy Sumner (World Champion CNF 2015), Anastasia Yakymenko and Nataliia Zharkova. His freedive center also organizes training months for athletes like William Winram and Rodolfo Robatti.

Over the years Immersion freediving center and school has certified several hundreds of freedivers, instructors and judges. Pim Vermeulen also has had the joy of introducing around 3500 scuba divers and interested individuals into freediving by Immersion special freediving introductions. Furthermore Pim has organized or co-organized many competitions and World Championships and was a judge on hundreds of (World) record attempts, competitions and World Championships.

Pim was a part of the AIDA International Executive Board for nine years as a Sport Officer and was a member of both the Technical and Education Commission and founded the NFDB, the first AIDA National in the Netherlands.