History of Immersion freedive center

Immersion freedive center and school was founded in 2002 by Pim Vermeulen to promote the sport of freediving in the Netherlands. In 2012 Immersion was still the only freedive center in the Netherlands and till now Immersion is the only specialized freedive equipment shop in the Netherlands. In 2013 Immersion academy moved to Dahab Egypt, the heart of freediving in the Northern hemisphere. The key approach in Immersion’s freediving education, training and coaching is the personal AND professional attention for each individual as we put the customers in first place. Over the years Immersion freedive center and school has certified hundreds of freedivers from beginner to instructor and judges. Furthermore over the years Immersion introduced almost 3500 interested individuals and clubs into the world of freediving with its unique Introduction program.

Immersion is for example organizer of the fast growing RedCcup (Dahab, Egypt), a mixed freedive competition with both pool and depth disciplines. In the past, Immersion freediving center organized many high quality pool competitions in the Netherlands and was co-organizer of several major freedive events in the world, like WC Kalamata, Greece 2011–2013, WC pool in Aarhus, Denmark 2009, the Dutch Apnea Open, etc.

Immersion freediving center and school has a long history of coaching athletes starting with Renate de Bruijn, double World record holder DNF and more recently for example Mandy Sumner, gold medalist CNF, on the individual World Championships in 2015; or Anastasiia Yakymenko, a Ukrainian freediver who was coached by Immersion to become one of the few female freedivers to dive through the Arch in Blue Hole of Dahab. Immersion also organizes NLT training periods for freedivers like William Winram and Rodolfo Robatti.

The Immersion freediving shop was created to provide quality equipment for freedivers for a slowly growing sport in time when good equipment was hard to get hands on. Over the years our shop became well known and now delivers a quality service for both budget and high-end equipment for freedivers.