Pim Vermeulen

AIDA Instructor Trainer, AIDA Judge Instructor

Pim is famous for his freediving experience and personalized approach to freedive teaching and coaching. With more than 18 years of freediving teaching experience, Pim is an expert in personalized coaching to reach a freediver’s own depth and potential; he follows a unique approach customized to every athlete’s character, skills, and distinctive abilities. As AIDA Instructor Trainer and Judge Instructor Pim can teach all courses in the AIDA program and has done so for thousands of freedivers.

Due to Pim's high experience as an athlete, instructor, judge and organizer in propelled freediving (NLT / VWT), he created the Master Class NLT / VWT to promote a safe approach in the deepest disciplines in freediving.

Pim Vermeulen has coached / trained many renowned record holding athletes including Mandy Sumner, Renate de Bruyn, Anastasiia Yakymenko, Maria-Teresa Solomons, William Winram, Lyndsay Bilodeau, Nataliia Zharkova, and many more. As an athlete Pim holds 9 National records for the Netherlands.

Pim is available to teach in English, Dutch and German.

Nataliia Zharkova

AIDA Master Instructor

5 times World Championship medalist, 60+ times national record holder for Ukraine, AIDA Master Instructor, Apnea Academy Instructor and professional swimmer; Nataliia Zharkova is famous for her faultless freediving technique and long experience in freedive teaching. Nataliia is currently the 3rd deepest CWT diver in the World with a dive to 95 m (Kalamata 2016).

Combining Nataliia's background as a professional swimmer and World Record level freediver, she created the Master Class DNF / CNF for Immersion Freedive School. Nataliia is a dedicated freediving instructor and coach who is capable of understanding your blockages no matter what level you posses.

Nataliia is available to teach in English, Russian and Ukrainian.

Peter Wydmuch

AIDA Instructor, SSI level 2 Instructor

Peter has been very athletic since a very young age. He loved gymnastics in high school, fell in love with martial arts and motorbikes, and has been drawn by the underwater world for many years. Snorkeling and scuba diving were his hobbies followed shortly by Freediving. He's a very experienced SSI and AIDA Freediving instructor. He's an extremely hard working and dedicated teacher / coach with a passion for self growth. He also has a Masters degree in English.

Peter is available to teach in English and Polish.