No-limits training

At Immersion Dahab freedive center we use an Aluminium lightweight head-down sled. Our philosophy for sled freediving is that NLT / VWT (No-limits and Variable weight) is a great tool to work on perfecting your equalization skills and it should not be used as a tool to explore maximum depths.

If it is your first time with us on a sled you get a briefing on how to pilot our sled and we do some shallow simulations and tandem dives with an experienced instructor to guard your safety so you gain confidence to pilot the sled solo. The simulations we practice are for example 'early stop', 'releasing sled on ascent (with lanyard)' and 'how to do VWT on our sled'.

Regular visitors on our sled are William Winram, Rodolfo Robatti, Nicolas Largueze, Anastasiia Yakymenko and others. The founder of Immersion freedive center, Pim Vermeulen has enormous experience in sled freediving as an athlete going back to 1999 with Loïc Leferme but also as a judge for many National Record and World Record attempts, organizing NLT / VWT training and NR-attempts.

Pim Vermeulen has created and regularly organizes the Master Class NLT / VWT after which you will be a highly knowledgeable propelled freediver, not just a passenger on a high power sled.

The maximum depth we allow you to go depends on your current level in a self-propelled discipline (CWT, FIM, CNF).


1 session € 60 per person
2 sessions € 110 per person maximum 1 session a day
5 sessions € 260 per person maximum 1 session a day
10 sessions € 500 per person maximum 1 session a day


  • prices include transfers from Dahab to Blue Hole and back;
  • maximum 5 sessions a week, depending depths;
  • decompression oxygen available for dive below 75 m for € 2 per session.

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