Personal coaching

If you are stuck with your freediving progress or you just want professional guidance to dot the ‘i’s’ or prefer 1 on 1 attention in your training, Immersion’s team of experts can help. We have specialists that are able to help you with any problem you may face in your freediving, for example (but not limited to) equalization or relaxation issues, lack of flexibility, mental or psychological limitations or a mix.

After an initial consultation we will create a personalized coaching program and during your period at Immersion freediving school we have several evaluation meetings and can adjust the program if needed. At the end of your period, depending the length of your stay, we will help you build a long-term program for your training including nutrition and supplement advice.

We offer options of different durations and if you don’t find what you need write to us with your wishes. On request we can also offer "pool only" personal coaching by one of our experts.


1 week € 295
2 weeks € 550
1 month € 1100
2 months € 2000


  • maximum 5 deep sessions a week;
  • 3 coaching / evaluation talks a week;
  • 1 pool session a week.

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