AIDA freediving courses

At Immersion Dahab freedive center and school you can start or continue your freediving education with AIDA courses that suit all freedivers and their qualifications.

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Master Classes

If you are already an experienced freediver but want to extend / improve your skills Immersion offer you freediving Master Classes given by hight-level specialists:

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No-Limits training

Our freediving center offers NLT and VWT trainings for certified freedivers (AIDA 3 or equivalent) on our head-down sled inside Dahab’s Blue Hole (Red Sea). We have long time experience organising NLT / VWT freedive sessions for i.e. William Winram, Rodolfo Robatti, Anastasiia Yakymenko.

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RedC Cup competitions

Immersion in collaboration with Wendy Timmermans organize the RedCcup freediving competition in Dahab (Red Sea), Egypt three times a year. We also offer special training days for freedivers around each competition, even full set-up trainings simulating the freedive competition set-up to be perfectly prepared for the event.

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Freedive training

Looking to improve your freediving skills? We offer customized training that suits every freediver, from the beginner to the experienced advanced freediver.

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Personal coaching

The team of our freediving school is a group of highly experienced instructors and coaches. We are more than happy to help you growing as a freediver by our personal coaching.

Equalization or relaxation problems, mental limitations, lack of flexibility, or a mix – no matter what is holding you back in your growth, our team is able to create a personalized program for you to help you progressing.

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AIDA specialties

If you are already a certified freediver and want to learn more specialized skills and knowledge, at Immersion freediving center and school we offer all AIDA International specialties. During the AIDA freedive specialties we go deeper into the history, theory and of course in water skills as freediver.

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If you want to make your freediving trip to Dahab more memorable or you need professional digital imaging for i.e. sponsors, at Immersion freedive center we offer you photo- and videoshootings (dry and/or wet) with true professionals. Our skillful underwater photographers would join us on your trainings or fun dives imprinting the full story of your new freediving experience.

It is also possible to do private dedicated photo / video sessions with our professionals where you or your group exclusively create the images of your dreams.

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