freediving gear

Apneautic noseclips – € 35

Nose Clip Apnea Academy is the leading Apneautic product. It was sold over 3000 pieces in the first year of its existence. NC is suitable not only for all freediving disciplines, but also for other water sports. It has been designed for maximum performance and meets the most demanding requirements. It combines the best features of all previous nose clips available on the market at an affordable price. Its advantages are clear. NC is highly hydrodynamic, the nose grip can be freely set (even at maximum grip, the nose does not hurt). The NC does not slip and during normal handling and maintenance is basically indestructible. In addition, its design is quite nicely done, it is possible to buy it in several color combination and currently in two different material variants. The NC is also equipped with protective plastic box with small holes which eases the ventilation.

Material: The body is made of a mixture of PA – polyamide. It has minimal flexibility and high resistance to weather conditions and mechanical damage. The NC contact surfaces are fitted with rubber pads for greater comfort and maintenance. Removable string is made of 2 mm polypropylene rope. The cord is light, floatable, dries quickly (thanks to UV stabilisation withstands prolonged exposure to sunlight). The string is equipped with special hydrodynamic zip.

Colors: white, yellow, gold, orange, light red, red, blue, green, silver, black, individual mixture of colors

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Apneautic bi-fins bags – € 85

The Apneautic bi-fins bag is a universal one-compartment backpack for long fins and freediving equipment. The backpack has an internal volume of 52 liters and the following equipment fits inside: long fins, weight belt and weight leads, 5 mm wetsuit, 3 mm wetsuit, 2x mask and snorkel, diving flashlight, socks, gloves, swimsuit, towel and a few other things. Backpack is perfectly suitable to be worn in the city (due to its side compression rubber) when there are just things to be used in a swimming pool.

Backpack has comfortable padded back and shoulder straps and yet is easy to store. Resistant material Kortexin, YKK zippers and quality design guarantee long durability.

Dimensions: 950x250x220 mm

Volume: 52 L

Colors: black, black-gray, black-blue, black-red, black-orange, black-yellow, black-pink, camouflage

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Apneautic bottom weight strap – € 15

Weight strap Apneautic is primarily intended for use with conventional diving weights. Its simple design makes it very light, strong, durable and reliable at the same time. You do not have to be worried anymore that the buckle opens up freely and all of your weight ends up on the bottom! Freedivers, who travel by air and need to save as much kilograms as possible, will especially appreciate its light weight, reliability and compact design.

Materials: PES

Colors: black

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Apneautic freediving buoys

large – € 87,5, small – € 72,5

The Apneautic buoys are intended for both recreational and professional use. Freediving schools and top freedivers will especially appreciate its advantages.

The large buoy is also suitable for using it with Counter Ballast System.

The Apneautic buoys have, in combination with our original internal inner tube, internal volume of 60-70 liters (large buoy) or 40-45 liters (small buoy). The buoyancy is, therefore, very good. While maintaining safe buoyancy of the buoy we have free hands in choosing suitable weights for the bottom plate. It also eliminates the energy losses during FIM (free immersion).

Internal storage is designed for rope PPV (Apnea line) of 10 to 12 mm in diameter and up to 100 m in length depending on diameter of the rope for the large buoy, the small buoy will fit 60 m of 10 mm rope. The cover of storage compartment, that is in the middle of the buoy, is equipped with a combination of both two quality plastic YKK zippers, and Velcro for easy access and long durability of the buoy. There are two circular-cut holes at the bottom of the buoy to maintain stable buoyancy and ease up the exit of the water from the interior of the buoy. These drain holes are equipped with plastic meshes. Small straps that are around the whole buoy are designed for hanging the snorkel. Big straps serve as a handle for diving freedivers. Part of a buoy has also a small lateral tunnel which is there for inserting telescopic diving flag (for better indication of the place of diving). The rope is fastened with carbines to welded stainless steel mesh that is placed at the bottom of the buoy. The bottom strap is dual again which significantly increases the stability of d-ring and durability of the buoy. Inner tube and telescopic flag are not included in the package. You can purchase them separately.

Dimensions of inflated buoy:
• 700 mm in diameter / 230 mm in height (large buoy),
• 600 mm in diameter / 200 mm in height (small buoy).

Volume of storage with inflated tube inside:
• 16 L (large buoy),
• 10 L (small buoy).

Buoy jacket is made of polyester fabric coated with PVC. Bottom strap and lateral meshes are made of PES. The buoy is tailored with high strength thread. The buoy is highly resistant, non-absorptive and dries quickly which is all due to the used materials.

Colors: red / white, yellow / white

Warning: When you use others inner tubes then original Apneautic, can cause damage of the buoys. Especially when you use black inner tube for car wheel, can cause overheating on the sun and damage colour of the buoys. In this case you can't claim complaint.

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Apneautic competition rope – € 67.5*

New GALE competition floating line is a static rope with extremely low elongation and long durability. It is suitable for both professional use in freediving centers and for organising competitions.

The new floating GALE rope is perfect for competitions, but also for ordinary freediving. The GALE rope has very distinctive colors, therefore it is perfectly visible under water.The GALE competition rope goes through the pulleys swiftly and is suitable for use in all type of jams, stoppers and winches. Thus, it is great to be used in counter ballast systems as well as in freediving using sled. Due to its design it has minimal elongation, high abrasion resistance and high strength (in 10 mm 1500 daN and 12 mm 2100 daN). Elongation of the new GALE rope is till 1.8% on 100 m with weight 30 kg in non-salted water.

Materials: Polypropylen Multifilament

Colors: 10 mm orange / yellow and 12 mm yellow / orange

*price for 50 m of 12 mm rope

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